Whether you have a really clear idea of your dream home in mind, or you’re unsure about what the final result will entail, a design and construct builder can help. This type of builder can help take the stress out of building, making our project a breeze from concept to completion. How? You’ll be working collaboratively with a team of professionals, rather than attempting to source individual workers and manage the process yourself!

When you design and construct, you’ll select a builder who can advise an appropriate design team for your project. Your builder will then act as a project manager, looking after your entire build and ensuring that not only will your final cost be reduced, your stress levels will too.

1. Single Source of Accountability

By opting for a design and construct approach, you will have one central contact throughout the entirety of your project, from start to finish. Completing your entire project under one roof means budgeting and scheduling can undergo closer consideration and both costs and timeframes are likely to be reduced.

The traditional method of design, bid, build can create stress due to circumstances surrounding accountability and overall lack of communication / synergy.

2. Budget Control

One of the best things about using a design and construct builder is that three parties will overlook every stage of the process together – client, builder and architect / building designer.

One of the benefits of doing this is that the budget can  be established right from the outset. When working with a stand-alone architect / building designer, it can be difficult to stick to the budget as this body doesn’t have access to construction costs. However, by having everyone involved right from the concept stage, both parties will be able to assess whether building plans are accurately priced.

3. Less Risk

When communication is coming from several different entities, you’re at higher risk of critical messages being lost in translation. A design and construct building team work collectively and therefore, will be more likely to complete a project without mistakes. Furthermore, your builder will be able to draw upon trusted building designers and architects.

When engaging separate entities, should any design errors or omissions occur, you’ll be responsible for chasing this up with your architect. This can add unnecessary delays to your timeline. When working with a design and construct team, this responsibility is handed to the builder alone, meaning that, should any design errors occur, it becomes the builder’s job to resolve these issues with the architect / building designer directly.

4. Communication

As mentioned earlier, a successful building project relies heavily on communication. By reducing the number of parties you’re communicating with, you’ll simultaneously reduce the chance of nasty surprises. In a traditional building style, you would need to talk to each party separately, which means the architect / building designer and builder may not communicate directly, and the client serves as the ‘middle-man’ when it comes to any issues that may occur.

When you engage Bolden Constructions to design and construct, we take on the role of mediator and head of communications. Not only is this less time-consuming for you, it’s also cost-effective and will help to alleviate your stress, knowing that everyone is on the same page.

5. Specialist Knowledge

The best time to tweak or change a building project is during the design phase. That’s why it’s crucial to engage your builder as early on in the process as possible. Builders have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to constructability, buildability and material selection.

It’s essential to have your builder oversee the early phases of your project to ensure you can actually afford to bring your plans to life within your budget. This will also help to create a seamless, stress-free work environment for you and your team.

At Bolden Constructions, we’re committed to quality designs and expert craftsmanship and we pride ourselves on working with only the best local architects and building designers. If you’re looking for a design and construct builder to bring your next project to life, get in touch with our team today!