With many of us either working from home or spending more time than usual indoors, it’s never been more important to assess the health of your home.

But what does it mean to live in a ‘healthy’ home? Read on to find out.


One of the best ways to make your home healthier to live in is through a quality ventilation system. Good ventilation will ensure that fresh, healthy air is constantly circulating in your home and that any pollutants or unhealthy fumes can exit with ease.

This can be as simple as incorporating plenty of windows and doors into your home design to ensure air can escape and enter your home. Another way is to build a home that follows passive house design principles, which is a sustainable building practice that champions high quality ventilation.

Watch for mould

Something that certainly can be a danger to your health in the home is mould growth. Mould can cause nasal congestions, coughing, throat irritation and in some cases chronic illnesses such as asthma.

A simple way to ensure mould spores don’t grow in your home is to minimise moisture, keep humidity low (via your air conditioning unit) and ensure you’re opening windows regularly to allow fresh air into the home.

Outdoor space

It’s not a surprise that we feel better when we go outside. It’s important to cultivate a warm and inviting outdoor space which allows you to soak up plenty of vitamin D in the sun. If the budget allows, it can also be worth investing in an outdoor area and pool that will allow you to exercise and keep cool during the warmer months.

Natural light

There is nothing more invigorating than natural light. It’s good for our mental health and wellbeing, can give us a much-needed burst of energy and will lessen your reliance on artificial lighting and electricity.

When you’re designing a home, it’s essential to factor in plenty of large windows, doors and skylights orientated towards the sun so your home is filled with natural light all year round.

Embrace nature

By incorporating nature into the home, you’ll create a healthy space that will provide comfort. This could be as simple as buying a few indoor plants, which help keep air fresh and clean, and can boost your wellbeing.

It might also mean opting for plenty of timber throughout the home – a proven stress-reliever. Colour can also be a great way to create a certain mood or environment in the home, which can help you relax.

Are you looking to create a healthy home that combines the very best in modern design? Get in touch with the team at Bolden Constructions today to talk through your options.