The quality of work is paramount. However, the quality of staff, hygiene, work ethic and standing in the community is also super positive. The Bolden staff and sub-contractors have a real appreciation for our project and enjoy being able to look at their work, be proud that corners were not cut and they were paid properly.


The quality of the workmanship and excellence in co-operation from all staff really impressed us. Your company has every reason to be proud of the efforts of its management and very capable staff who have achieved great results.


I had clarity. Estimated costs were accurate, significant detail was provided and stages took place as indicated, so we knew exactly what to expect. (Give or take a day or two, which is reasonable in these types of projects.)


Great to work with Bolden Constructions and the whole team. It was a big project so there are always a few issues, but they were worked through very well. Thanks very much – it’s good to work with professional local people.