Photography by @bwr_photography86

Only a three hour drive from Melbourne, Warrnambool is a highly liveable seaside city, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after home destinations in Victoria. With incredible secluded beaches, breathtaking views, an inclusive community and a rich history, Warrnambool is an incredibly unique place to put down roots and build a life.

As an experienced custom home builder in the local region, we know exactly why so many people are choosing to build in Warrnambool. Here are just five reasons you should consider building a new custom home in this beautiful part of the world.

The Great Ocean Road at your doorstep

If you’re looking to soak up all the natural beauty that Victoria has to offer, Warrnambool is an exceptional option. Located at the western end of the Great Ocean Road, this unique seaside city boasts incredible sea views, whale watching opportunities and an array of native flora and fauna.

Think of Warrnambool as the gateway to the Great Ocean Road and beyond – there’s over 243 kilometres of hiking tracks, beaches, waterfalls, wineries and restaurants to explore on this world-famous stretch of coastline. The benefit of living in Warrnambool is that all of these experiences are only a short drive away.

Sprawling blocks

Architecture by Mathew Morse Architect. Photography by Damien Goodman

Are you tired of browsing small blocks in big cities, where real estate agents are asking exorbitant amounts for tiny spaces? Perhaps it’s time to consider a sea change to Warrnambool.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to build a spacious home on a sprawling block. Whether you’re looking for more space for the dog to run around, or you’re dreaming of a spacious outdoor living area with an in-ground pool, the options are endless with a sizeable block. Large country blocks are perfect for growing families, entertainers and those who love spending time in the Great Outdoors.

Excellent schools and facilities for kids  

Warrnambool is the perfect location for families. Not only does the area boast a range of wonderful private and public schools, there are plenty of local community groups, sports clubs and social opportunities for the entire family. The city also boasts an eight-hectare adventure park – Lake Pertobe – which is home to tennis courts, flying foxes, mazes, a mini golf course and skatepark.

Warrnambool has an excellent selection of public and private hospitals and comprehensive network of health services, so you won’t have to travel for regular appointments. 

Beautiful beaches

Photography by @bwr_photography86

If you love the beach, you’ll love living in Warrnambool. This unique pocket of the world features so many great beaches for swimming, surfing, fishing or even just whale watching.

Some of our favourite spots in the local area include Main Warrnambool Beach, The Flume, Childers Cove and ‘Magic Rock’ (best seen at sunset!).

Breathtaking views and stunning sites

Warrnambool is simply unmatched when it comes to natural beauty and stunning views. With cliffs, hills, rivers, parks and the ocean just at your doorstep, you’ll never be without wonderful, scenic views. If your block is located in close proximity to some of these natural wonders, we can even help you build a custom home that captures on the surrounding views.

With years of experience in the local region, Bolden Constructions knows how best to maximise your block and build a functional and beautiful custom home that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking to build a new home in Warrnambool, get in touch with our friendly team today.