You’d be hard pressed to find someone whose plans haven’t been disrupted in the first few months of this year. If you were considering embarking on building your dream home in 2020, it may be tempting to put the entire process on hold.

However, if building your home is still financially viable, there’s plenty you can do while housebound to give yourself the best chance of getting straight into building when restrictions ease. This additional time can be used for three of the most important elements of any build: planning, design and paperwork.


There are so many facets to a custom home build – from large decisions like overall floorplan, to smaller fixture and finish choices, there’s lots to think about before a brick is laid. Now is a great opportunity to take extra time to consider and decide upon every aspect of your build, starting with your choice of builder.

Once you’ve made the important decision of who will bring your dream home to life, it’s time to think about the layout and design of your home. This part of the process can be time confusing and often requires lots of collaboration between builder and designer. One of the best ways to make this part of the process less stressful is by engaging a design and construct builder.


At Bolden Constructions, we offer a design and construct service that streamlines the custom building process for clients. We will work with you from the very first stages of design, so that you have a single point of accountability throughout the whole project, benefitting from clear communication, a cohesive approach and faster timelines.

What this means is that we’ll take your brief, budget and list of needs and wants at the start and select a design team we think will bring these to life the best way possible. If you have a preferred designer, we can collaborate with them directly to ensure your desired design outcome is achieved without going over budget.

This entire process can be completed now while you’re at home, via phone or video calls. Our design team will work side by side with you to virtually bring your concepts to life, while our building team ensure these are feasible and realistic construction-wise.

We will also help oversee these applications, communicating with the council to ensure everything is processed in a timely manner.


Obtaining planning permits and the necessary permissions to start building is a much longer process than people initially think, with some applications taking more than six months to process. Therefore, now is the perfect time to get the ball rolling.

In most areas, councils are still operating and processing permits, but they aren’t as inundated with applications as usual. Most permits are valid for two years post-approval, meaning even if you do get everything sorted quickly, you don’t need to worry about potential delays. In fact, it means that when you are ready to build, everything will be in place to get started immediately.

If you’re thinking about starting the building process in 2020, get in touch with our team – we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as advise on our latest pandemic considerations and amended operations.